We have had the privilege of being associated with Karl E. Nishwitz for sixty plus years in various forms. As a personal friend and a drag racing associate for so many years. We recently lost Karl, who was 84 and never once in our years did he ever waver from his dedication and support of the many endeavors that we challenged together.

Karl was a diligent supporter of NHRA drag racing and the nostalgia drag racing community. An unassuming person who never let self importance get in the way of the task at hand. He was always at your beckon call and you always knew where he stood. 100% with us. We will miss him for his genuine friendship and dedication to our performance heritage cause. He had these qualities that were earned and that are very hard to see on display today. The nostalgia drag racing community is a much better place today because of his contributions and we are all much better for it!

Darwin Doll, National Nostalgia Drag Racing Association.