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The National Nostalgia Drag Racing Association has been presenting the Legion of Honor awards since 2004 to many of the Pioneers of Drag Racing as esteemed recognition for their many contributions to the sport and industry.

The awards are selected from nominations made from friends of the industry and sport. The process takes longer than we would like due to the amount of people who are nominated and recommended for the award.

Since there is a limit of funding available we have to revert some who have been recommended until the following year. Membership fees from the National Nostalgia Drag Racing Association are used for the sole purpose of funding the Legion of Honor. Without this support we cannot continue with these awards.

We know that those nominated are worthy of due consideration for the Legion of Honor and will be placed in order of the date their nomination is received.  We are working as expeditiously as possible to honor our friends and associates with whom we have been associated for many years.  It is with sadness that we lose some who leave us before they experience their just plaudits that they are due.

We are peddling as fast as we can and hope that all understand that it is our every Intent to honor our deserving friends as quickly as possible.


How to join.


Joining the National Nostalgia Drag Racing Association is easy. Just print out the Application, fill it out and mail it with your check to:

P.O. Box 3675
York, PA 17402-0136

New memberships and renewals are $20.00 or a Lifetime membership is just $100.00. Rest assured that you will be supporting an organization dedicated to preserving our rich performance history for future generations to enjoy.




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