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November 24, 2018


     Look around you. You are among friends that have been involved in the sport of drag racing and playing with muscle cars for thirty to forty plus years and it is taken for granted that this same popularity will exist forever, so why support the events every year. That was the same attitude that existed in the '70's, as many of the drag strips ran a weekly schedule and if we didn't get there, we would get around to it one of these days.

     In 1979 York US 30 Dragway closed its gates forever and we have seen other tracks since then disappear from the landscape. We are living in a different environmental time than back then. You can make a list of the new drag racing facilities on one page that have been built since then and have a full page of space left over.

     We're considered the old geezers or old fogies now, but we have seen lots come and go over the years. Complacency has taken its toll on our industry over the years. If York US 30 were well attended every week, do you think it would be closed today? The same exists today as you see other tracks being sold for development as the land is worth more than they could make continuing with the operation. Many people want to see the tracks back in operation again, but these same people are part of that complacency that set in and other uses for the land became more paramount.

     I can see the same thing coming for nostalgia drag racing and the events and shows that are appearing all over our landscape. We went thru the same phases of popularity in the '60's and '70's with drag racing and muscle cars. It will prosper for a period of time, but complacency sets in and the same thing will happen as we go thru another cyclic experience in our performance history.

     The publications that are beamed at our facet of performance don't regularly cover the events and provide exposure to make this facet of our industry thrive thereby assuring that their future is in good stead. The advertising dollar is more important NOW and why worry about the future, it will take care of itself, won't it?

     The events such as "York" keep the memories alive, but we are also facing the fact that many of our legends are departing us at an alarming rate. We cherish the moments we have together at the annual York Reunion. Savor it, for the same group will not be together for the next one. It is a fact of life and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

     Politics should have no place in our pastime, but we have to be realists, it is. Many in our area of the industry have not been recognized for their contributions to our performance heritage because recognition is not really based upon their dedication, accomplishments and true deeds over the years, but their acceptance by a set of standards established by each individual on a selection committee and their personal preferences.

     It is the goal of the NNDRA with the Legion of Honor, to recognize as many of the contributors to our performance heritage as possible as long as we continue to get the much needed support of all of you with your memberships and attendance at the "York Reunion" each year. Without it we're history!



August 10, 2018

We have finally created the new National Nostalgia Drag Racing Association website.  It has been a long time coming due to time and financial considerations.  We are sticking the toe in the water in hopes of generating the membership and sponsorship support to give us the ability to continue to present the annual Legion of Honor awards each year and maintain a webpage and facebook page for our nostalgia family.

It is our intent to stay tuned to the nostalgia community every day on the NNDRA facebook page and to  have an ongoing continuity on our webpage.  We invite contributions and will certainly welcome all the membership support we can gather to keep the goals alive and well in keeping you informed with the latest nostalgia news.

We faced some weather issues and  other operational issues at York US30 Heritage Days 2018, but we completed our most gratifying event ever on July 21st. We encountered a multitude of problems, but we were able to weather them all and complete a very noteworthy event nonetheless. We certainly will not dwell on what could have been.

Our thoughts turn to NNDRA on a daily basis from this point on and certainly to the 18th Annual York Reunion at York US30 Heritage Days, under new stewardship, on January 12-13, 2019 at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center in Lebanon, PA. For vehicle exhibitor questions please contact Dan Swisher at 717-269-2625 or swish57@comcast.net. For vendor questions please contact Andy Goodman at 717-307-5466 or andy@agoodman.net

The 2019 class for the Legion of Honor will be presented at York US30 Heritage Days 2019. A schedule for the presentations will be posted in our next newsletter  Nominations for the Legion of Honor should be sent to Darwin Doll, NNDRA, P.O. Box 3675, York, PA 17402-0136

The Jungle Jim Liberman Day and Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins/Larry Lombardo Day were both a huge success. Larry had the undivided attention of everyone in the audience during the whole event.

We want to welcome your contributions to our community.  In the interim, stay well, stay safe, and certainly stay in touch!

Darwin Doll



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